Ganesha street art in Hosier Lane Melbourne

Call of the wild

Eleven years ago, I came to Melbourne and she’s been my home ever since. She has treated me with such tenderness, much like a warm hug from a dear friend. Melbourne has been a safe haven. She has given me the space and freedom I needed to be myself.

I fell in love with her gritty beauty and met the love of my life. Her green spaces, forgiving streets and rich diversity helped us raise our two children into the beautiful, resilient and open minded young adults they are today.

With every opportunity she smiled upon us, Melbourne has helped us to grow and succeed spectacularly. Hand in hand with the one of I love, we have made this urban beauty our home and we have loved her dearly… Until now.

We can no longer ignore the call of the wild. The restless stirring deep within our hearts. So… we’re off. Just like that. We’re going bush. We’ve sold our house, quit our jobs and bought a ute.

This is our last week in Melbourne, our final hoorah. The next twelve months will take us around the beautiful coastline of our vast country. We’ll camp under her immense starlit skies, immerse ourselves in nature and live life in the slow lane.

The things we truly value – love, freedom and nature will be our guide. Who know’s where we’ll end up? That’s the beauty of our adventure. We’re not too sure where our next home will be, but we’re ready to get lost and find her together.

Freedom is so close we can taste it. Thank you Melbourne, you’ve been a dear friend. We promise we’ll keep in touch. xx

P.s. We have created Unprepared Adventures to share our adventures with the people we love!

Photo credit: Hidden Gems: Melbourne Laneways and Arcades